August 31 - October 7, 2017


Original works of art from thirteen artists in our collection

are featured in this exhibit with photographs of their selfportraits

to compare with photographs of the creator.

Works from each are in the Metropolitan Museum of Art

as well as many other museums. Thanks to generous

donors, YOU don’t have to leave Marshall, Texas, to

enjoy the art works by world-famous artists!





Milton Avery - Self Portrait and Photograph

Past Exhibit

Hoover Watercolor Society Traveling Exhibit

  Baby's Got Blue Eyes   Martha C. Scott

Baby's Got Blue Eyes

Martha C. Scott

July 6 to August 26, 2017


Celestial Siblings - Photographs by Dr. Stephen Strom
March 2 to June 30, 2017

Internationally known astronomer and fine art photographer Stephen Strom has combined his two talents to create Celestial Siblings: Parallel Landscapes of Earth and Mars. The images in this intriguing exhibition reveal hauntingly similar patterns on Earth and our planetary neighbor: at once simple and profoundly beautiful forms that result from the action of universal physical processes on vastly different spatial scales and terrestrial surfaces.

The exhibition is arranged in four segments that reflect the roles of each of the Aristotelian elements in shaping the surfaces of Earth and Mars: air, earth, fire and water. Terrestrial images drawn from Strom’s landscape interpretations are paired with Martian photographs selected from long strip maps taken by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. The diptychs invite the viewer to contemplate the role of aeolian, fluvial and volcanic activity from the epoch of planetary formation 4 billion years ago to the present day. Diptychs such as Dune Field, Mars/ Dunes, Great Sand Dunes National Park underscore the aesthetic affinities that result from Strom’s meticulous editing and sequencing of the Mars-scapes, to highlight the colorful rhythms and patterns found in his desert landscapes.


Acallia and the Swamp Monster by Kelli Scott Kelley
March 2 to May 27, 2017

As the artist and the author of a heroine's surreal journey through a haunting southern landscape, Kelli Scott Kelley reveals the mastery of her craft and the strong narrative ability of her artwork. Borrowing from Roman mythology, Jungian analogy, and the psychology of fairytales, Kelley presents a story of family dysfunction, atonement, and transformation.


Shall We Dance
November 15 - December 30, 2016

This multi-media exhibition celebrates the history and art of dance capturing the magic of choreography, costumes, music, and props. 

The exhibition will have customized costumes, music, backdrops, and photographs of over 42 years of history of ballets like Peter Pan, The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, and others presented by Pat George Mitchell, Artistic Director, Longview Ballet Theatre.